“My year has sucked and I’m glad it’s over. Let’s hope 2009 is better.”

After reading Darcy Smith’s blog I was inspired to add some of my own gripes on this year’s exploitation of Christmas.

Most years Christmas is my favorite holiday. However, the early start to the sales, decorations, and Christmas music weeks before Thanksgiving really did a number on my enthusiasm. It really is disgusting how commercialized everything has become. I went to JCPenney to get my hair done a week before Thanksgiving and they had all the Christmas junk displayed proudly. Thankfully, they don’t play Christmas music or I would have walked out without having my hair done (overall that might not have been a bad idea…..)

In an effort to get into SOME Christmas spirit I searched the radio yesterday for inspiration. There were several oldies but the butchered remakes were too much. Now I’m debating how small a celebration I can get away with. Presents have already been cut to a bare minimum. There is no ornament exchange at work and I feel like I already had my big holiday visiting with family on Thanksgiving. The ice cube lights have been up since last year and I’m really thinking a small tree would do the job. No overkill this year…..all because retail got greedy and killed my holiday spirit. Shame on them.

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