Almost Back in the Swing

The last week has been really hard on the extended family with an “almost tragedy turned blessing in disguise” and my husband and I decided it was best to set aside our personal interests to help out where we could and to host my MIL for a week. Life is now getting back to normal and thankfully the family as a whole is doing so well that we’re  comfortable picking up our lives again just in time for a weekend crammed with visiting friends and baby showers for said friends. Amazingly I’m not totally exhausted and felt like crafting tonight. My store will soon have several luscious whipped lotions and rich cuticle creams that are crammed with the best of ingredients and then whipped together with a wonderful variety of new scents. Pictures will have to wait for a sunny day though so it could take another week. The weather really hasn’t cooperated the last several weekends when I had time. In the mean time I wanted to share several exciting packages that came in the mail.

I’ve had my eye open for a turkish spindle and finally caved to this little  cutie

Compared to my learning spindle this new one is amazing! It is very well balanced with awesome spin and weighs 0.5oz in black and white ebony. I bought it from Thomas Creations Thread thru Time Etsy store. They have new spindles all the time but don’t wait to buy  if you see one you can’t live without. They seem to sell out really fast.

Another item that came in the mail today was a free sample lip balm from MMS that came with my order. It has orange butter in the ingredients so I was really interested to try the lip balm. On the whole I prefer my lip balms constancy to theirs but the orange butter smells edible like a smoothie shop and it seems to moisturize well.

The last thing, I promise, was the best candy EVER. Have it Sweet’s Fleur de Sel Caramel has got to be the most buttery and creamy caramel I’ve ever had. This is the second time I’ve ordered from them. The first time I ordered Spring Is In The Air Pink Vanilla and Dark Chocolate Caramel Bars, Belgian Dark Chocolate Caramel Bars, French Pistachio Nougat Bars. The Pistachio went so fast there wasn’t time for pictures and the samples of the Fleur de Sel were soooo good I ordered a batch along with Pink Peppermint Swirl Marshmallows and French Hazelnut Nougat Bars. The Pistachio Nougat to me was better that the Hazelnut but I always tend to like the first one I try best.

They also included a yummy sample of their pecan caramel. It has just a little bit of crunch in that amazing buttery caramel.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my spunky kitty boy

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