Knitting Styles

I was knitting during a book club meeting this last weekend and a couple that also knits was baffled by my U.S. style of knitting because I waste so much time “throwing” the yarn over my needle. I had to explain that I only use the U.S. style when I have to purl a lot  because I hadn’t learned to Continental purl yet (because it’s a pain!). With my recent outbreak of seed stitch scarves (k1 p1 k1 both sides) it seemed like the best option.

However, it seems there is another way. I’m always up for learning a new way to knit or crochet so I thought I’d share their solution. Here we go Continental Knit + Norwegian Purl. Everything is done basically through the back making it very fast to switch between stitches.

I’ve also created a new knitting page that I’ll try to add to as I find new styles, solutions, cool stuff, and maybe some patterns and/or yarn things around the web. This could get really BIG people!

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