Success and Failure

“Success and failure are both greatly overrated but failure gives you a whole lot more to talk about.” – Hildegard Kneff, German actress and singer.

My tendency is normally to point out all of my failures in case someone else missed them or thought I had missed them. It isn’t easy to be positive all of the time (or appreciated by the masses if you are) and on the flip side people don’t always want to hear a person complain non-stop. There is a fine balance between the two. What keeps a person’s attention? Have I kept yours? What are you looking for when you arrive here?

When writing here I’m usually rushed and I wonder how my words come across to someone who doesn’t know me very well. What do I sound like? Confident, self searching, too hard on myself, showing off? It will probably go down hill if I keep wondering in that direction.

While writing here I feel like I’ve grown as a person (and as a writer?) Usually there are fewer red lines than there used to be a few years ago even on a rushed post. At almost 30 do I sound my age? Older, younger? I have no idea what I sound like to someone else and it makes me curious.

My husband seems to think I’ve improved since starting out here but then he’s my spouse and I can question his sanity because he puts up with my bath supplies all over the kitchen when he’s hopping for dinner, very few eyebrow raises at my growing yarn stash, AND that he was perfectly happy to convert our master bedroom into our craft room. Sanity questioned and lots of love his way.

Taking courage from small things like a silk shawl.

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