30 and Up

Life’s been a bit busy and a bit stressed (see cancer page). This weekend was my 30th birthday and I sailed through it with a smile more or less and more than a few very lovely gifts! I’ve got to share a few things from hubby just cause he was so sweet planning everything and for making me laugh too.

Hubby prepping the cake with strawberries on an amazing! 8 layered chocolate mouse cake with whip cream frosting…mmm.

Waiting for the pizza to arrive, still not sure we’re allowed to eat that at our ages.

Not a great picture but I didn’t get very many during the party. Mostly we ate pizza, cake, veggies, homemade coconut and blueberry marshmallows, played Dominion, joked about my crafting obsessions and generally had a good time. My brother was the only family to make it but I did have family well wishes from afar. Mom even felt well enough to talk for a few minutes before she got tired.

Birthday music did happen.

I almost forgot to get a picture of me so here I am at 30 in a crummy pic but it was better than nothing. I look a bit tired. What do you think of my new hair style? I thought 30 deserved a new look. After a week I’m still loving it. A hair straightener does the trick on this thing pretty quick….not that it shows in this pic after a long day of partying.

The necklace is new too, thanks hubby!

Friends treated me to a manicure and pedicure.

I just have to share the funny gift from hubby.

Yes, that’s a peg board….and yes I put it on my wishlist…..and no I didn’t think he’d buy it for my birthday. I laughed and laughed over this one! Hopefully it doesn’t take another year to get it installed to organize our tools.

All of that celebrating got me in the mood for some crafting fun. I managed some very comfy felted slippers and the hot weather dried them out quickly so I’m already able to wear them.

These were so much fun that it got me researching Youtube for other felting ideas and came up with this really quick and fun project. I’m not sure what it will end up as but since I had the warped loom with alpaca sitting since last year I thought merino pencil roving would make for a quick weave. Already I’m loving how soft this is. I’ll need to felt it at least a little so it stays together but hopefully it will keep it’s softness.

I can’t claim this is warped right but it looks ok to me.

Time for bed now before I waffle face my keyboard. Onward and upward…..bring it!



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