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Had a wonderful time at Sock Summit 2011! Unfortunately, my poor computer did not enjoy the trip and is currently having antivirus treatments. Hubby also caught and shared a mild cold so there won’t be too much going on in this post. I did find several wonderful bloggers who did manage to post about their trip along with pictures which is probably what you really want to see anyway 😉

Sock Summit Twitter

Knitting Knewbie

Mr Poopers Day Out



Knitpicks blog

Blue Moon blog (I attended Tina Newtons seminar on dying fibers)

Crochet Liberation Front


Oregon Live on Sock Summit

Knitting Golfers blog 


Lots of yummy yarn pictures and 2 finished socks once my computer is fixed….which might be several days from now based on how slow it’s going. Now off to bed. 13 hours of driving and a full day of work with only 5 hours of sleep in the middle and a hosed work computer ALSO doesn’t leave me with much left over energy. Till tomorrow.










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  1. […] reschedule to Monday. Instead hubby took a nap and I headed back to the convention center for the flash mob where I met Steven Ambrose and did some more market […]

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