Soaping Day

In anticipation of all the upcoming holidays I’ve been browsing the interwebs for some fun new soap molds and they have arrived! A free weekend has proven very restful and productive at the same time which considering my Christmas gifting deadline is only 90 days!!!! from now is causing no small amount of creative anxiety butterflies.

Soap molds and colorants ready.

Cupcake anyone? This one looks like it could use some sprinkles on top.

3D pumpkin using shaving soap a combination of Sweet Treat colorants and mica’s from Bramble Berry to make it look solid instead of clear.

This was my second try with this mold. The soap takes forever to cool down in the thick walled silicone mold but well worth the wait. This is actually three layers of soap – green frosting, yellow cupcake, and darker green for the paper cup.

Heart soap I’m working on for wedding favor giftables. Pipettes are my friend with this mold. This one didn’t come out as clean as I’d like. Unfortunatly this isn’t the first time I’ve had issues with the burgundy melting so I might need to find a different supplier or choose a different red color. Eventually I’ll pick out a collection of colors that work well for this mold that I’ll offer in my shop.

3D Halloween pumpkin scented pumpkin pie of course 🙂

Duckies but hubby thinks they look like platypus.

Ribbon guest soap. Not my favorite but I’d like to try them as bath fizzies.


Golf Balls.

Babushka ice mold I picked up at Sock Summit

Pumpkin Pi for my Pi soaps

This was soooo much fun I ended up soaping for around 6 hours. On the down side this does mean I’m out of MP soap and wasn’t able to try out all of the new molds and methods I was itching to use.

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