Handmade Gift Planning

Giving a gift, for me, is my own way of saying “I appreciate/love you”. When I give a handmade gift I feel that the recipient is worth the time it takes to make that something special. However, I have nothing at all against store bought either. Hubby is always welcome to buy me jewelry or yarn 🙂

Over the summer I made plans to hand make all of my Christmas gifts this year. That was probably a crazy idea but it looks as if I might be able to at least give each person one handmade item this year. Over the last few days I washed all of my growing FO knits and now it’s time to get serious. No more fiddling around with projects that aren’t gifts!

On that note……last night I worked on shop orders…..and fiddled around with a new hand balm recipe that needs more adjusting (too much coconut oil) but looks amazing.

Happy holidays and here’s to procrastination!


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