Self Preservation During the Holidays

This week has been unusually stressful during a month that I really need to take extra care of myself. December is often a very mood driven month and I easily slip into Scrooge/depression mode if I’m not careful. My current theory is it has something to do with less sun and too much going on around me. Last year was a perfect example. I was in charge of my day job’s Christmas party after coming out of an emotional Thanksgiving. Hubby and I ended up without a real tree or groceries on Christmas day so the day was filled with very simple fair out of what we had on hand (last year I did have an obsession with sweet potatoes so we weren’t completely festivity deprived). A tiny fake tree was all I could muster. Whatever the cause this year I’m trying to stay positive at what continues to be a very hard year.

This week the Yarn Harlot shared important words of wisdom in this area and it just feels like the right thing to re-share at this time of year.

“I’ve spent the last week being really super careful to keep my expectations in check, to remember the humans I share the Christmas with are imperfect, and that I am too. To remember that when I think of all the stuff I like about Christmas, there’s actually not a lot of stuff, and that not once, ever, in all the years that I’ve been worrying about it, not once has any person ever told me Christmas was ruined for them because I didn’t get the right wrapping paper, or because I used the regular napkins instead of the ones with holly on them.  NOT ONCE, and frankly, there’s been the same amount of regular family crap no matter what napkins I get out. I’ve even ironed them, and there was still some trouble some years. ” –Yarn Harlot


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