Spinning Practice

Quality of life the last few weeks has been improving, thank goodness! Between the all day nausea and twice a week IV therapy and debilitating fatigue my first trimester was the pitts. Now at week 13 I have energy! and a cold. Oy. The sore throat and sinus issues are a pain but I still have more energy than before so I’ll take it.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon spinning this woolie number.

This is a blend of cormo and soy fiber that I purchased at Lambtown 2011. I’m not really great at spinning yet so this is mostly for practice. Right now it’s a thick and thin somewhere around a fingering weight. Plied it might be more even overall. I was surprised at the spun color. Instead of the grey pre-spun color it’s turning out more of a light denim color.

One Response to Spinning Practice

  1. Anne-Marie says:

    It looks beautiful – and I’m so glad to read that you are feeling more energetic. Yay!

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