Baby Knits and Project Fever

My energy is slowly returning and along with it startitis.

Ok, here are my current crazy project plans.

  • Clean and paint the master bedroom
  • Clean and paint baby’s room
  • Knit purple mitts
  • Knit baby leggings
  • knit baby sweater
  • Organize tool area
  • Research wool baby clothing and blankets
  • Research eco friendly disposable and cloth diaper options
  • Make chapstick for a friend
  • Sort closet and donate clothing
  • Clear out the junk corner in the garage and put up shelving
Several of these I’ve started including the knit projects but it seems like there just isn’t enough time in the day. Morning seem to be when I have energy which is used up at my day job during the week.
This lovely is the start to the baby sweater.
and these are the purple mitts
I really have no idea why I’m knitting these. Winter is over and I already have three pairs but they insisted on being knit. They might end up in my store or go to someone with a birthday. We’ll see.

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