Things are Picking Up Around Here

The last five months seem like they have crawled by without much going on (other than surviving!). This pregnancy has taken most of my energy with just a day here or there where I have enough to work on projects un-baby related.

Two of these projects were for hubby’s parents. We haven’t celebrated Christmas, birthdays or anything at all since last year so we had a lot of catching up to do in the celebrating department. These mitts will keep them warm next winter.

 Mitts for SFIL

 Mitts for MIL

Pinterest is a time sucking place with amazing crafts, recipes and almost anything else. If there is a photo it’s there. On that note I found this galette recipe that looked simple enough for a busy Mother’s Day breakfast. It’s super easy and looks impressive. And oh the flavor! Mmmm, I ended up making it two days in a row. It seems that I never did get a picture of it baked. No time, MUST EAT!


This did inspire some other baking projects.

Fruit jar pies. Not a huge hit in my house but I love the idea and it travels really well.

This one was not my finest moment but hubby seems to like it, a sour cream mixed berry pie. Seemed to need more sugar and….something. It was pretty though.

Ok, so one baby related thing 🙂

I finally finished these cute little socks!


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