Cinnamon Rolls

With the new little one taking up so much of my time I’ve been spending large swaths of feeding times browsing Pinterest for quick and tasty recipes.

One that caught my eye was this very interesting blueberry cream cheese version of the cinnamon roll.


We had frozen blueberries and frozen dough so I whipped up my own version of these.








The only problem was that I thawed three loaves and didn’t want three loaves of blueberry rolls that I didn’t know for sure my family would like so….I made one blueberry cream cheese, one apricot cream cheese, and one Nutella  and marshmallow cream.

That created a wave of interest in pull apart breads. We had an herb and garlic loaf, flax seed and honey rolls, and my favorite pumpkin pecan butter with caramel dip and pumpkin pie spice rolls. Most of these were just too tasty to wait for photos.

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