Ode to Mothers

I’d like to share some of my favorite memories of my mother, grandmothers, and mother-in-law. Mother’s Day was especially hard without my mother around this year with a little one on the way with an 8 month old.

603448_10151464296636871_365980013_nMy daughter, 8 months old


I started this post two years ago when my mom was sick and none of us knew if she would see another year. It was too hard to finish this with so many unknowns. It was too final. This year I feel like I want to remember her in her best, fun times as well as all the other important mothers that are a part of my life.


 Mother’s Day 2005(?)

Recently I was remembering how my mother used to make everything into a game when my brother and I were little. Sunday nights we would watch Lois and Clark aka Superman. We all loved the show but it started a little late so during commercials Mom would have us see who could get ready for bed the fastest. Dad would laugh a bit and opt out but the rest of us would rush to our rooms to put on our pj’s and then into the bathroom to brush teeth. First one back got bragging rights, which only lasted until the show started up again. I always loved throwing on my long johns and a giant mint colored pj tee shirt with an adorable screen printed bunny on it that Mom had picked out. I wore that until it died and then saved it for a few years until I couldn’t justify keeping it anymore. There are moments when I wish I’d kept it.


Mom was there for so many important moments like when I called my future hubby to ask him to the school reverse social as well as the casual lounging on her bed to chat and exchange foot massages. It always felt like she cared. She would listen and ask questions but usually would let us make our own choices.


 My mom, me, and hubby in our apartment

My mom’s mom was a fixture in my life until age 7 when my parents moved. I have tons of fun memories but the first to come to mind always involved the over sized jacuzzi, my cousins and brother, and the adults sitting around talking while we swam. Grandma would always come out of the house with a plate of apples, cucumbers, carrots and celery, oranges, or avocado. Each of us would head to the edge and pick our piece of fruit or veggie and munch on it one piece at a time while still in the pool. Grandma was always thinking about our tummies. She would make giant bowls of broccoli or sit with a bowl of green beans picking stems off. She was always generous with us. After moving, I have fewer memories but during the younger years we would visit for spring breaks, summer vacations, and Christmas. Grandma and Grandpa still send us avocados and oranges from their trees every year at Christmas.

My two grandma’s at my high school graduation in 2000.

Dad’s mom is a generous yet reserved woman. As a child I only met my Dad’s parents twice before around age 8 when they moved to our town. When I got older I got to know her a little better but she is still reserved. She cares deeply for each one of us and our well being. This compassion extends to the stray kitties that she has taken to feeding and loving. They love her right back. On the latest visit, my daughter got to meet this wonderful lady for the second time in her life. It was scary for my daughter but I hope that we can get to know each other better.

Hubby’s mom. The two of us are so similar in interests that we wear each other out talking for hours on the phone or showing off our latest projects. She was the person who got me into melt & pour soaping. My first memory of her was back in high school. Hubby was in the choir and I was in the band performing for the school’s Christmas concert. We had only been dating since October. After the concert he introduced his mom who was very sweet and wanted to practically invite me into the family right then and there.


My MIL and I in 2010


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