Catching up

Time has flown by in a hectic chaotic whorl wind (started this post in March!) of baby, and holidays, and returning to work, and daycare providers, and starting solid foods, and crawling/cat chasing, walking, running, moving to toddler room/mommy separation anxiety, MOLARS UG! and EAR INFECTION combo, and play dates and vacations to Tahoe and So. Cal and Monterrey Bay. It would take entirely too long to fill in everything that’s happened. Let’s just say that things happened and my little one is growing into a very cute fun little big girl.





Since my girl has been sleeping well since 8 1/2 months, now almost 15 months, knitting has picked up a little. Several projects have been started but few finished per my usual.


Hitchhiker scarf







My Chunky version of Susie Roger’s Reading Mitts






Pardon the pink table and crummy lighting. We bought a child size table for DD which also is doubling as the coffee table lately. Two Spectra scarves, reading mitts for someone (don’t you just love all the child toy props?), and a lot of wishful yarn dreams.

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