Multiple Myeloma Cancer

This is a collection of thoughts on cancer I’ve collected while learning about my mother’s battle with multiple myeloma. She was diagnosed in January 2011.

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Food recommendations

This disease has a lot of ups and downs with a weird variety of restrictions and then lack of restrictions. All of it is based on what other problems are tagging along. My mom’s kidneys contributed to her not eating avocados and a few other foods that were high in potassium. Weirdly she needed potassium and was told to eat bananas every day but to eat half at a time. After steroids Mom always is awake all night and tends to make herself breakfast. That started almost as soon as she got out of the hospital back in January. For easy food prep I’d recommend a steamer with multiple trays. Adding frozen foods or raw foods are a lot healthier than microwaving with any plastics that will leech chemicals into the food. I’ve also heard that cooking things dry is not as healthy. Mom has never been too worried about her foods so I had to share some of the things I’ve learned over the years since moving out on my own. A plate over the top of a bowl instead of plastic wrap works well or even a paper towel. I wouldn’t recommend a crock pot even though it’s an easy meal prep. Meats especially will grow bacteria in a slow cooker and to a chemo’d system it’s not a good idea to expose additional “threats”.

While I’d like to provide more food guidance it seems that she is really not a usual case and frequently is low on sodium and high on potassium. Her taste buds have caused a lot of foods to have a nasty chemical taste that hasn’t really improved much since May’s treatment. For example she likes lemons but can’t stand oranges. Mom isn’t able to cook for herself most of the time and Subway and Taco Bell have gotten her by even though I’m not a fan of these options. My dad isn’t able to cook for her and I’m so impressed at how much he Has done to help take care of her.

Looking back: In the end I don’t think she took much of my food advice. She didn’t feel like eating or have enough energy to do much herself and really didn’t consume enough calories no matter what type/quality. I always thought that if someone had been there all the time preparing healthy organic meals that tempted her appetite that maybe she would have done better and been around longer.


  • Chemo eyes don’t read well so books on CD or audio books are a good idea. Often though Mom just wanted to watch TV during her dialysis. Netflix was perfect.
  • Buy bottled water. Even though a refillable bottle is cheaper it can grow bacteria. Also don’t reuse the bottled water bottle.
  • Mom’s taste buds have been a mess. One thing she can’t stand is oranges. Lemon and lime are fine but oranges taste chemically to her.
  • Dry mouth:
  1. Biotene for dry mouth is a life saver – toothpaste and Mom’s preferred mouthwash. Mom found it for cheaper at Target.
  2. Our dentist had some xylitol mints that she could eat without it bothering her teeth.
  • Be sensitive and realize that they will do things their way no matter how hard you try so it’s most important to support them.



This is how I remember my mom. Happy and reserved, standing by supporting me. Here we are hubby and my old apartment on Mother’s Day (2005?)




4.5.11. Mom has been gaining strength over the last six weeks. She’s able to do more for herself but still doesn’t have a lot of energy. Her dialysis has been going well at home. It’s very ironic for us all that she’s been teaching home dialysis for several years now. It’s been a blessing that she isn’t exposed to all the germs and signs of death in the clinics. In a few weeks she will start a relatively new procedure, stem cell replacement. I don’t know much about it but it sounds like a very difficult and dangerous process. I’ve asked friends, family, co-workers and all that know her to pray for this to go well. The doctors are telling her that this is her only chance at remission. The good news last week is that she does not have any lesions and no bone fracture. They are saying the type of cancer she has does not cause these so that is wonderful news and explains why she did not show signs of bone pain earlier.

5.9.11. Mom has been doing really well. She had about 3 weeks off from chemo treatments before she started the stem cell transplant process this last Monday. The next day, Tuesday, she was tired and has continued to become more tired every day. Her lab was very good on Thursday, the day we all expected her to start showing cold symptoms, so she decided to go out to eat. I think she was very pleased with herself. The dialysis continues and will probably for a while. Today was starting week two of the six week treatment. My brother that still lives with my parents said mom had been up at least one night throwing up and the dialysis waste is smelling more than it used to. It was strong on Sunday when I visited and I’d never noticed it before. My mom did tell me she met another couple that were waiting at the lab. The husband has multiple myeloma and lost a rib to it. It seems to help a lot when my parents are able to talk with others who are going through similar trials. The other couple had spoken to someone who had been through the treatment and is successfully two years out and feeling wonderful. That’s great news! The person said it took about 100 days to start feeling better but any progress in the right direction is encouraging. For Mother’s Day I found some pretty artificial flowers that she can take with her to the hospital if she wants. Her nose is still so sensitive and now that the stem cell treatment has started we’re expecting her immune system to crash. She loves nature and flowers to it’s hard on her. Gardening has always been her only hobby and none of us know if she will ever be strong enough to enjoy it again. Oddly I think my brother and grandparents are handling her condition better almost 6 months later but I’m starting to have more frequent feelings of wanting to cry. It isn’t something I want to do because it feels like giving in. It isn’t and I know that intellectually but it’s much easier to just keep busy. I talked a little about it with my mom and she completely understands. That’s something we have in common. Neither of us are criers. It just feels like if I can make it through this month everything will be better.

5.12.11. On Monday, four days ago, my mom finally started having symptoms from lowered immune. All week she has been getting sicker and sicker with cold symptoms including a high fever and cough. The cell collection also started this week and is now over. Unfortunately, the shots for it caused back pain all week and the only thing she was allowed to take was a Tylenol. Today was the first day with no shots and also no pain. I wish she sounded better. Her voice is not strong and she’s coughing a lot. Most of the day she slept, only to get up and eat and go back to bed. It’s going to be hard getting through the next four days if all the symptoms continue till she goes in the hospital on Tuesday.

5.18.11. Yesterday mom started her two weeks in the hospital. Right away they dosed her with chemo and steroids after checking her in. This afternoon she had her dialysis treatment and ended up sleeping through the whole thing after plenty of benedryl and other meds to settle her stomach and calm her down. The steroids always keep her awake the first night and she was still keyed up by early afternoon. The chemo already started having it’s effects. She was sick after eating lunch. Tonight hubby and I went down town to see her. The room is very nice and the staff are very friendly. Everyone is so worried about germs that it helps a lot to have friendly staff. Tomorrow she will have the cell transplant. That was making her nervous but she said it only takes about 15 minutes and it’s over. Then comes all of the side effects. She said she isn’t really sure how the treatment is much different from a bone marrow transplant since the cells come from the bone marrow. Hopefully she’s feeling relatively ok tomorrow. I’d like to visit her again. She doesn’t really want anyone there if she’s being sick though and I can understand that. She’s a very private person despite (enspite?) of everything she’s been through since Christmas.

Every time I go down to the hospital to see her I always leave feeling a mixture of emotions. I feel like crying and I feel like I want to hope for the best and it feels like the world is all wrong but also that I’ve gotten to know my mother and she’s gotten to know her kids and family better which is a very good thing. It’s hard to smile and laugh. This isn’t easy, it’s very hard. Every day I go to work it feels like people are staring or if they aren’t WHY DON”T THEY KNOW what I’m going through. The more I share the more it seems I learn about other peoples difficulties. Why didn’t I know? If the world did just happen to end this month I for one wouldn’t mind.

5.20.11. Today is listed as day 1. Yesterday she had her transplant and that’s listed as day 0. The plan is that by day 100 mom will start to feel better according to someone that is 2 years out of treatment and feeling fabulous. Mom’s still really sick today. Yesterday she wasn’t able to keep any food down at all and slept all day. She sounded awful on the phone and didn’t want to talk long.Today I didn’t have the guts to call her if it would wake her up. It’s no wonder they say the patient could loose up to 30lbs during the hospital stay. Mom just doesn’t have much to loose. Her limbs are already so thin. I wish there was something I could do to help.

My dad’s mom is visiting this weekend so she can see Mom. It’s too bad grandma couldn’t have come before the treatment when Mom was feeling better but maybe it will perk them both up a little. It will be the first time grandma has seen us all since the horrible Thanksgiving disaster.

5.31.11 It’s getting down to the end of Mom’s two week hospital stay and I haven’t posted anything for the last week so I’ll fill in some details.

Tuesday, one week after she entered the hospital, Mom still wasn’t eating much. Popsicles have been about the only thing she could keep down. At the end of week one she was able to keep down a few things earlier in the day but she still was only getting saline drip, no calories, to supplement. Tuesday I met Mom’s doctor. He was a very nice pleasant down to earth person. I’m not sure what religion he is but while talking to my dad about cars he mentioned he wouldn’t be able to visit a car show on Sunday because it’s his church day and a day of rest. I respect this a lot since so many do not rest on their sabbath.

Yesterday, at 14 days in the hospital, it was an emotional day. The doctor says that everything is on track and the treatment took! If Mom can keep food down and what ever else their are looking for goes well she can go home on Wednesday. That’s wonderful news!!! The time finally came yesterday morning to have Mom’s hair cut off. It really started falling out in the morning. Overall it probably isn’t a bad thing to get rid of the hair. Her night sweats (no estrogen for the change) really make a mess of it but it’s a visual reminder of what’s going on. Dad said she cried a bit. Knowing it will happen just isn’t the same as it actually happening.

If all goes well Mom will go home tomorrow. That will be a whole nother trial. The house needs to be very very germ free clean for at least 2 weeks while she starts to recover. I haven’t been to the house since grandma was visiting and I’m worried Dad wasn’t able to get things ready for her.

6.5.11  Mom’s been home for 4 nights as of tonight. Every morning since she went home she’s had to be at the cancer lab at 7am to be checked for any that might not be up to snuff. Potassium took 6+ hours to receive and they also check her cultures and a lot of other things including any sign of infection.

Today was the first day I saw her after her hair was shaved. I was anticipating being disturbed by it but I was more concerned about the fever she had going. Hopefully the Tylenol will take it down enough that she doesn’t have to go down town till the morning check. Mom was told that she is expected to take 3 weeks from discharge to start feeling a little better. That’s a long time and barely leaves enough time for my dad to be home with her full time. After that he will have to go back to work.

I’ve been knitting a hat for mom for a while. The one I started first just wasn’t right so I spent a few weeks trying to find a different pattern but finally decided to go back to my original pattern and just change the yarn. I’m really enjoying knitting it up with an organic cotton and bamboo combo. Mom seemed to like the feel of the hat and mentioned that there was a man at the lab that was wishing someone would knit up some hats for men. She said he was wearing a baseball hat and that his head was really cold. That might be something I could work on. I’ve been trying to get prayer shawls going but it’s a lot of knitting and my attention span wanders.

6.7.11 Mom had a temp Saturday. Sunday after a trip to the hospital for fluids they decided to admit her and wait for cultures to come back.

6.14.11 Mom’s been in the hospital since the 8th. It seems that her progress reversed itself and she’s not able to keep anything down now. She has also continued with the nausea and diarrhea. On the 9th Mom was up on her own and fell on her knee. She had to call for help and was moved to a room that prevented her from getting up on her own. I think that was hard on her emotionally. Saturday when I talked with her she sounded a little depressed and was pushing for more drugs to keep her asleep more. She did know that it was my birthday so I took that as a good sign. She isn’t loosing track of days too badly. My brother talked to her the next day and didn’t get the same feeling from her so hopefully she isn’t getting down. There isn’t much news at this point. One day at a time and lots of prayers. I’ve been keeping busy looking for chemo caps for her. I’m adding some links to places that I’ve found especially helpful and sensitive.

Update: Talked to my parents this evening. Mom’s still in the hospital with no plans to go anywhere soon. She still isn’t able to keep anything at all down but the fever has gone what looks like for good. The thrush has also gone away which is fabulous news for when she does start to eat. The hospital is finally giving her IV nutrition that is helping but it isn’t like getting normal food. Overall she sounded better than Saturday and Dad sounded hopeful.

5.16.11  This afternoon Mom called me! I’m taking that as a very good sign. She hasn’t called me since before she was discharged. Her voice sounded a lot less tired and raspy than it did on Saturday and she says she’s able to occasionally keep something down. Nothing consistent but it’s good to hear she keeps trying. She’s also getting a bit sassy which she hasn’t been for weeks. As a package it’s the small improvements that make for a baby step toward getting better.

Tomorrow I’m headed to the hospital so I’ll know a bit more.

6.21.11  Woot! Mom’s vitals are all in normal range except for her cell count as of Saturday. While visiting the hospital the dialysis nurse was wondering out loud why she was still getting dialysis. As of today!!! she is OFF dialysis with a possible discharge date of June 27th. That date is flexible depending on how well she’s feeling and her ability to eat. Let’s pray that she is able to stay off dialysis and come home soon.

6.27.11 I talked with both of my parents over the phone this evening. My dad has been back to work for a week now and we’re wondering when Mom will head home and how that will work out. There has been another delay. Mom got a bacterial infection two nights ago, likely in the pic line, and is back to having a high fever for the last two days. She’s on antibiotics and the doctor is trying to save the line. Mom’s stayed off dialysis for over a week and most of her numbers have stayed the same and the swelling in her feet has gone down after she was given diuretics. I had no idea that low protein would cause fluid retention. Unfortunately, the fever has triggered more vomiting and that’s a set back. She had been keeping at least 50% down which is what the doctors wanted before she could go home so we’re all disappointed. Mom’s getting really fidgety sitting in the same room seeing the same walls for a month. I don’t expect that she will come home this week.

While on the phone Mom left me a voicemail and I called her back. After talking for a few minutes she was tired. Comparing her voice to old messages she sounds about as tired as she did back in early February after only a few weeks at home. Tomorrow I’ll head down to the hospital to see her and to trim her nails.

7.2.11 Today is not going well for Mom. The pic line had to be removed and a new one put in her other arm. In addition to it there is fluid in her lungs and she can’t breath while laying down. They’ve put her on an oxygen mask to help her but she isn’t getting any sleep. She’s exhausted and can only rest with a pillow on her tray table. She’s also stopped eating. This is a bad setback that shouldn’t have happened.

Dad sounds awful. He sounds like he hasn’t slept for a while and is worried.

7.7.11 Things started going well on the 3rd and Mom is off oxygen and the catheter. She was moved to a different room when I visited her on Tuesday. She seemed in better spirits, both of my parents did. Mom was able to eat and keep things down so she’s only about a week behind schedule. Wednesday they did plan on another dialysis treatment but Mom wasn’t sure what the reason for it was. I could tell from rubbing her feet that there wasn’t extra fluid under the skin so it’s likely not that. Hopefully she can stop treatments completely after that.

Tonight I’ve got yoga to help calm my nerves and stretch my tense muscles. It’s been a wonderful discovery for coping with everything over the last 6 months.

7.9.11 Mom has continued to gain strength this week and is back to battling her stomach. If that improves we’re hopeful that she will be able to come home finally.Nothing has gone as expected so I won’t hold my breath. She was able to get in her three walks today and has been fidgeting a lot. Thankfully she now has a physical therapist and massage/music therapist coming in to help. It really seems like the hospital should have offered these services earlier on before they were specifically asked for by my dad. How is the patient and/or their family supposed to know what all is available? It will be good to see Mom at least as strong as the little old lady I saw walking on her own or the determined smoker guy.

I am concerned that if she is finally able to come home she really won’t be able to do much for herself and really needs someone there with her to help with meals and any time she needs to get up. Her balance is not stable and we don’t want her falling again. Twice already is way too many times.

7.10.11 Visited Mom today. She was asleep when I came in and I felt bad waking her but the nurse said she’d been asleep for a while and should probably be woken up. She looked much better even asleep. If all goes well she might be able to go home later this week but it sounds like she isn’t getting her hopes up too much. It’s all based on her keeping at least 50% of her food down and this morning she had a good breakfast. Hopefully that continues. Unfortunately, the doctor has decided she needs dialysis twice a week for now. At least it’s better than 4 times a week like she was getting.

I was glad to see that Mom was able to keep herself awake while I massaged her legs and feet. It’s a good indicator that she’s been getting more sleep and feeling stronger. After an hour she finally did fall asleep and seems really relaxed. It’s good to see her improving.

7.15.11  Mom was finally sent home on Thursday. She almost didn’t because she started having trouble breathing again due to fluid build up. The doctor decided other then that she was doing well and that she would need to go back on full dialysis again to keep the fluid down. The pneumonia she got that sent her back to the hospital the first time is holding on and causing troubles.

After one night at home she looks pretty good and is getting around pretty well. I think she isn’t eating or drinking enough but she’s definitely trying hard. Foot massages seem to calm her so my plan is to go over at least for the next several days to help her relax in her more demanding environment at home.

Dad seems tired but it feels like he’s also feeling better about the situation. We’re all cautiously hopeful for Mom to start really healing.

7.18.11  Mom’s been doing really well since she got out of the hospital. Dialysis has kept the fluids down and I can tell she’s hearing a lot better. Her feet turn really red when she stands up and I’m not sure what’s going on there. Today the lab will do a culture to make sure she hasn’t picked up anything and that the previous infection has not returned. I’m not worried about that with all of the antibiotics in her system right now but eventually those will stop working.

I think it’s been very good for her spirits to be able to see more than her hospital room and the stark hallways. She went out to eat on Saturday were they sat her at an out of the way table. She’s able to move around the house a bit to make her own breakfast or peddle on the exercise bike for a minute.

8.11.11 Mom has been improving by leaps and bounds since she was discharged from the hospital. She’s gaining strength daily. Since she’s been home she’s gone out to eat several times and went to an evening program at a small church. Sounds like she’s sorting through things that have sat since Christmas as well as anything else that has accumulated over the years. If she doesn’t find a hobby soon there won’t be any house work left 🙂

On Monday the doctor had her PIC line removed and labs done to see if her dialysis line could come out too. She has been doing fabulous without dialysis for more than ten days so we’re all hoping the dialysis line can come out this week as well. The labs came back really well yesterday so there is a good chance.

9/3/11 Today is Mom’s birthday and we’re all so happy with how well she is doing. No more dialysis and all the lines have been removed. Her hair has started to grow into a fun fluffy salt and pepper fuzz. There are definitely a lot of challenges for her including continued weight loss because nothing tastes right but she is here with us and getting stronger daily.

9.8.11 GREAT NEWS! Today Mom was giving the green flag on her labs and bone biopsy and the wonderful news that she’s in full remission!

10.7.11 This year has had a lot of ups and downs. Today is another down. Mom was admitted to the hospital. She’s received 2 pints of blood twice in the last two weeks and last night she started vomiting. She’s been told her count has to come up enough for them to do a bone biopsy so we’re expecting her to be in for a while.

10.8.11 Mom is still in the hospital and likely will be there at least till Tuesday if not longer. I spent several hours with her this evening and she’s doing ok but I can tell she really doesn’t want to be in the hospital again. There are always people going in and out of the room all day and all night and never anyone there when you really need them. Everyone seems really nice though.

She isn’t keeping food down today, although her small amount of dinner stayed down for about an hour. It might just be me but it seemed like she was fine till after they gave her a shot of something. It was only 15 minutes later that everything came up. This is all very similar to the two months she spent in the hospital with complications. Hopefully it’s not the cancer returning but something else. Monday is the bone biopsy so we should know more by Thursday.

9/24/11 Mom at a survivors BBQ. She had her face painted.

10.10.30 Today Mom’s sleeping off the meds they gave her to cope with the bone biopsy. She also got an ultra sound on her organs to look for anything unusual.

Yesterday I didn’t get to talk with her. I got to the hospital after 8pm and she was sleeping. The nausea meds really knock her out.

10.14.11 Here is some information I didn’t want to learn about:

  • Thalidomide (Thalomid). Thalidomide, a drug originally used as a sedative and to treat morning sickness during pregnancy in the 1950s, was removed from the market after it was found to cause severe birth defects. However, the drug received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) again in 1998, first as a treatment for skin lesions caused by leprosy. Today thalidomide is FDA approved for the treatment of newly diagnosed multiple myeloma. This drug is given orally.
  • Lenalidomide (Revlimid). Lenalidomide is chemically similar to thalidomide, but because it appears to be more potent and cause fewer side effects, it is currently used more often than thalidomide. Lenalidomide is given orally. It is approved for people with previously treated myeloma, but is also often used in people with newly diagnosed disease.
The likely option will be oral chemo meds including Revlimid to control my mom’s cancer that has returned.
Someone on Etsy shared their Grandfather’s experience with me and also mentioned this type of treatment.
“It took us 2 years before my Grandfathers was in full remission and stayed there. Thylomide is definitely something to consider. Within about 2 – 3 weeks after starting, we saw a huge change in him. She can use it right alongside her chemo. It’s something that has to be special ordered and delivered by UPS. Things may have changed by now but, when we first heard about it, it could only be prescribed at the Myeloma Institute in Little Rock Arkansas. I’m not sure where you’re from but, she’d only have to go once a year. Thylomide is in it’s trial stages though. As of this year it hadn’t made it to the fda for approval yet. Not that it wasn’t approved, it just hasn’t gone through all the required testing yet.”
10.25.11 Mom went home the 17th and was back in the  hospital on the 21st. Her treatment hasn’t arrived and her system was building toxins that couldn’t be taken care of at home. Yesterday the doctor put the dialysis line and PIC line back in and started dialysis treatments and chemo. Today she seemed a little bit better but her nausea was flaring up a lot this evening. I was able to give her a back rub and foot rub before she started feeling bad at least.
10.28.11Mom’s treatment finally came and she’s been started on the full maintenance treatment plan with three oral meds. With the help of nausea meds, chemo, dialysis and now the actual meds she’s feeling better and starting to eat more. Hopefully the dialysis can be stopped soon and she can go home.
11.1.11 Visited Mom in the hospital yesterday. She looks pretty good and is getting stronger. Her hair is growing out nice and thick. The color seems to be an overall salt and pepper that creates a dark gray. Labs from last week came back with something contagious so she has been isolated in her room. That didn’t make her very happy because she was finally out walking the halls, feeling stronger, and getting to know some of the other cancer patients. Hopefully this only lasts a day or two. She seemed to enjoy hearing about my weekend adventures up to Apple Hill.
11.7.11 Mom is continuing to get better in the hospital but continues to be in isolation. Turns out she is a carrier for something and will need to be isolated any time she is admitted to the hospital. Not the best news but the doctors are hoping she will be strong enough by the end of this week. I’m hoping she feels well enough for a Thanksgiving meal this year. The whole family has missed so much this year that I would hate to miss that with her too.
After visiting her this evening Mom doesn’t expect to go home soon. Her white cell count is down to almost 0 and has been receiving blood or plasma every other day. Her spirits are good and she’s willing to fight with her dietician for what she is or isn’t willing to eat and we all take that as a good thing. When I got to the hospital my dad and brother were already there so it was like a quick mini family reunion. It seems we don’t get together much without Mom around.
11.15.11 Last night I visited Mom. She was finally moved to a new room out of isolation which is wonderful. Now she can get more exercise and see more people.
There was another minor (thankfully) set back. It seems she’s allergic to several of the antibiotics they’ve given her and that’s why she keeps having her skin flair up with itching. During the night she had another reaction and started swelling and having a skin reaction. Nothing was done until my father arrived in the morning and pushed to have something done. They gave her steroids and benadryl. The swelling went down a lot but not completely by last night and I was surprised when I first saw her. Other then that her labs are improving slowly and maybe she’ll be out of the hospital by Thanksgiving. It’s hard to say right now. The biggest issue is with her white cells not growing on their own meaning she needs blood or platelets most days.
11.21.11 Mom’s home today!
11.12.11 Two nights ago Mom had another reaction to the meds and had to be admitted (hopefully temporarily) to the hospital.
11.13.11 Mom was able come home.
12.24.11 The family was able to get together for a small Christmas. Mom had a reaction to meds again and wasn’t feeling really strong but she able to take meds right away to counter the reaction so she wasn’t all red like some times. Just a little itchy. We went out for lunch at a small Italian restaurant and Mom was wearing a very nice looking wig that was very similar to her natural hair color.
She looked very nice and it meant a lot to all of us that she could be there with us. It feels like 2012 could be a good year.
12.31.11 Today is my parents anniversary.


1.1.12 Mom was admitted to the hospital for shallow breathing and no energy. Her oxygen levels were at 98% so the doctors looked into other causes and found signs of infection and sever dehydration. She was admitted to the ICU. She was given six bags of fluid and by the end of the evening was showing improvement. The infection is likely from her stomach lining shedding after an oral chemo treatment about a week ago.

1.3.12 Mom was moved to oncology.

1.13.12 Last night Mom was moved to the ICU. There have been a lot of mistakes made in the last few weeks that have us worried. Fluid in her belly has been pushing on her lungs making it hard to breath. Finally last night she was getting meds to pull off the fluid but we’re not sure what the outcome will be. I’d like to say more but I feel like I can’t yet.

1.15.12 Early this morning Mom passed away. Her heart gave out while she was asleep and on pain medication. She no longer feels pain. She leaves a deep hole in our lives that will never be filled. She was our rock. We miss her already!

Mom’s wedding ring.

1.15.12 A service for my Mom will be held at Mount Vernon Memorial Park & Mortuary on Monday, January 23 at 1pm followed by grave side at 2pm.

A fund is being set up for donations towards a memorial in her honor.

MMRF Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

MMRF Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

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