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December Is Here!

Oh my! It’s December already!!!! This year hasn’t gone quite the way I’d have liked with my mom’s cancer but it hasn’t been a bad year for me overall. My health is good and my hobby skills continue to improve. I even Tried to write a novel for NaNoWriMo this year and think it could turn into a passable short story someday. So to celebrate I wanted to share my latest knitting obsession that also has turned into a free form design experiment.

I present! Susie’s Reading Mitts With a modified thumb by me 😀 in Be Sweet Bamboo yarn in color Storm.

Most likely, this isn’t rocket science (nothings been confirmed yet) and I could have just picked up another pattern with a thumb design that looked like what I wanted but hey, I wanted to do it my way! And mostly it’s working out with only one minor rip back so far. I really think this designing thing will be the only way I’ll learn to read charts so here’s to a December full of knitting, crafting and learning.

Ps: This year I’m planning daily posts (hopefully!) with pictures of yarnie and soaping goodness and who knows what else! If I get desperate for idea’s there’s always the completely un-edited novel, lol.

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