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That’s the Jingle Bell Rock!

The holidays have officially started and I’ve busted out the Christmas music! Don’t judge, you know you want to join me 😀 To be sure, the office has started stocking the junk food which isn’t helping my resolve to loose at least a little weight before the end of this year. Oh well.

One thing that’s concerning me is my self imposed knitting deadline looming in at a mere 34 days. So far I’ve finished three cowls, one pair of mittens, a kitchen towel (and a half), and one scarf. Three of these are wool and will be avoided like the plague by most of my relatives so it seems I need to take a closer look at my projects and conserve energy to only the most important projects….my biggest problem is not knowing what the men in my family would actually use. Scarves and socks seem like easy projects but they would quickly be discarded. Fingerless mitts might work although would also likely meet the discard pile. The question is, what Would they use. One option I found was a remote control holder for the couch. The other option is to find something in a completely different craft area which might work out better in the long run because I might have a boost of enthusiasm to get me through a new project. Currently I’m looking into some ideas with leather because my father likes most things leather.There is also the option of metal stamped items since I’ve got the whole set up already it would be easy enough to find the right thing to stamp or if I’m feeling really brave I could try sewing something. I’ve seen some really cool re-purposed men’s ties. Soo many options and sooo little time!


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