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Honey Vanilla Marshmallow Results

These were a hit with my dinner guests last night. They were very curious to know how different these fluffy squares were from store bought marshmallows. I was too. My guests prefer homemade foods, and the wife is very good at cooking, so I feel like they are a tough crowd.

While dinner was cooking I sliced them up with an oiled pizza cutter.

Here they are dredged in powdered sugar and cornstarch.

The overall result is a soft creamy honey flavored¬† inside and a slightly sweeter sugary outside. These would be perfect combined with hot chocolate or roasted over a camp fire. I found them a little bland compared to the coconut handmade one I’d bought but overall still a hundred times better than store bought if you are going to eat them plain. Next time I’m thinking lemon, chocolate, or incredibly yummy coconut. Probably coconut.

Oh! Almost forgot my little coconut sprinkled marshmallow lump. That was REALLY tasty!

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