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Yarn Love and Random Other Stuff

I’ve been meaning to post all last week but that didn’t happen. Didn’t get enough sleep or something because nothing got done except a bit more progress on my scarf.

When I mean nothing I really mean nothing, no house work, nothing. This week started off really well with the hubby switching me over to WordPress which has me ecstatic! wow, even my own chat window. Our main blog over on has had a chat window forever but the old site just didn’t have much AT ALL! Ok, so enough about the update.

Ok, so maybe just one sneak preview but that’s ALL I’m going to say!

The promised yummy/test baking project is a little on hold till tomorrow. There just isn’t enough time in my day to finish up everything I want to do

and the things I have to do before hubby goes crazy with the down stair in an upheaval

because it looks like this

On to happy notes. Last week I had this lovely sock yarn show up in the mail from joining a Sock of the Month knitting club, if you’re interested you’ll have to check it out yourself because it’s a secret 🙂

MasonCJ is also getting some new inventory. These glass Ball jars I’ve turned into oil lamps.

Random other projects that are sitting around

This is my first crocheted scarf that I never finished. It’s a shell pattern in a lime green mercerized cotton. Might be Patrons but not sure.

Here is another shell scarf. The photo is terrible. The color is really a forest green more like this picture

Well, that isn’t really a good image either but closer.

I’m off to get some sleep so I’ll leave you with a kitty picture

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