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Busy Busy Busy

The last week and a half has been crazy around these parts and just to prove it I wanted to share a few photos.

Deodorant has been a BIG hit this summer which has been a challenge. A main ingredient is coconut oil that melts at 76 degrees. Packaging became a REALLY big challenge when it started leaking before I could ship it so back at base I re-made and re-packaged in “fancy” ziplock bags. Some assembly required.

This beautiful necklace with the word FLY was a custom request from a friend. It’s destined to be gifted to a book author who just published a book on flying. I will ask if I can share her name here.

This pearl “firecracker” necklace and matching bracelet were also a custom pieces for a co-worker who planned on gifting them to a mother-of-the-groom this last weekend. No word yet on how the wedding went since my co-worker is still on vacation. I’ll be sure to share the outcome on this one too.

This beautiful gray necklace was also for my co-worker. This one is pearl knotted, and I must admit, a lot of work. The plan was to have the pieces finished before my big company picnic at the local water park but the necklace had other ideas. Third time was the charm and after a long day of hauling (over 650lbs) of food to the water park, spending the day in the sun, and supervising the food prep I was in no shape to pearl knot but there was nothing for it but to sit down after a long day and knot these beautiful pearls. In the future I might send my co-worker to pick out all of my pearls. She had amazing taste. Both necklaces had wonderful luster, shape and color. I’ve never worked with “firecracker” pearls before so it was a lot of fun to see what they could do. Several new pearl strands will be arriving in my IndenturedMason store soon as a result of this necklace.

Other things I’ve been up to

Cream colored scarf I actually finished before but have been putting off taking pictures

My multi-colored seed stitch scarf that just keeps going and going. This is on ball 2 and I’m pretty sure I need at least one more.

Chai Tea goats milk swirl soap with Moroccan red clay. Smells yummy and is wonderful to wash with, creamy with a little bit of slick texture.

I’ve also ordered a few more jewelry supplies that are really exciting. They should inspire new pieces in my shop (or my jewelry box). Can you tell I’m liking the birds lately?

A semi new type of project I’m trying out that is pretty easy at this stage, a knitting loom. Basic projects are hats and scarves like my cream scarf a few pictures up and this soon to be hat or  tube scarf depending of if I like the hat idea. Hats are not my friend so I’m not sure about this as a hat.  What do you think?

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