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More Baby Kitty Pictures

I couldn’t help it. I had to take a bunch of pictures of this little guy. The plan is that he will have a new home tomorrow and I want to remember his cute furry bum.

It’s surprising how similar he looks to my girl Cutie.

He doesn’t have her white paws but similar facial markings. Cutie is decidedly unhappy with the current situation and had to hiss at the baby tonight. He decided to hiss back but they are both fine. My big boy Pippin though is disgruntled and keeping a close on on the kitten. Much hissing has happened there but the kitten doesn’t seem to mind it from Pippin.

Ok, enough rambling it’s time for bed. Ok, one more thing SOCK SUMMIT IS NEXT WEEK!!!!! So excited!

7/21/11 Update: Kitten will be going to his forever home tonight. I’ll miss the sweet baby.

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