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My 2011

2011 started with my Mom. She was sick with what we thought was a cold that didn’t get better. Turns out it was cancer. The year was overshadowed with her illness.

In the realm of crafts I’ve learned a lot. It’s really easy to get into a craft rut so I’ve been pushing myself to learn new things.

February I tried to make mitts out of a felted sweater.

and made a salve with arnica and willow bark.

March I finished my first pair of socks.

In April I worked on using natural ingredients in my soaps.

and layering soaps


and made my first batch of marshmallows

and visited my first LYS


In May my Mom went in the hospital for a cell transplant and out of some mental preservation went crazy with crafting.

My first batch of rebatched cold processed soap.

I participated in a soap swap and had this beautiful soap

Hand balm pearls and coffee butter lip balm

Indoor rose bush cultivating

My first hand knit dish cloth


Got to see myself knitting (this is a silk shawl)

In June I turned 30 while I waited to see if my Mom would make it out of the hospital.

I tested out several premade lip solutions.

I had my hair cut with a cute aline bob (this is me in the morning before styling)

If you haven’t tried the card game Dominion I highly recommend it! It’s so fun and we played several games on my birthday.

Felted my first and second pair of slippers.

Tried weaving again using roving

In July I was still waiting for my Mom to get out of the hospital but I was looking forward Sock Summit at the end of the month.

For the 4th hubby and I went to the mall to see the show.

3 am pie!

The week before the summit I fostered a cute baby kitty for a few days before his family picked him up. Such a sweetie!

Sock Summit!


Astoria in August

A swift at the Maritime museum in Astoria

August was also when I decided that I wanted to make handmade things for Christmas gifts and also when I started knitting up these fun cowls.

Since this post is getting really photo heavy I’ll finish up the year in another post. I am wondering how 2012 will go though. After only half a day this year I managed to step on a knitting needle that has put me out of commission for the rest of my vacation time (maybe) and my Mom is back in the hospital. Wish me luck. I think my family could use it.

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