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Soapy Layers

This soaping thing gets addicting! It also wears me out after hours of soaping on my feet. My hands are dry and begging for coffee hand balm. Deep breath…..This was soooo much fun to make!

Finished soaps.

These lovelies are destined for a Bramble Berry swap that I’m running a little late on hence the two late nights of soaping. Tomorrow will be packaging and labeling night and then shipped off to the Bramble Berry headquarters where they will be distributed to their final recipients….other soapers. That right there is probably the scariest part about a swap like this. I can’t wait to see their soaps but I’m terrified what they will think of mine. Really it’s to try out Bramble’s different scents but it’s like a peer review. And so many of them are really really impressive soapers. I’m definitely feeling out classed.

Finished soaps.

For me this wasn’t only about the swap. I’m looking for new, creative, and inspiring ideas for my shop. Pineapple Cilantro is definitely a scent I wouldn’t mind coming home to every day. It reminds me of my honeymoon in Mexico with virgin pina coladas and the now defunct Illuminations green pineapple cilantro candles.

Unfinished cut soaps.

Layering soap definitely is a challenge for me. The sad little laser thermometer I bought last month does Not show accurate temps so mostly I’m going off of how thick the hot soap is and how hot if feels to the touch. Definitely tricky but I’ve got a few tricks for fixing layers that don’t stick. Hot “soap glue” administered with a pipette works wonders or dipping the whole layer and reaffixing it to the bottom layer. It’s a little like brick work….sort of.

I’m also rather proud of my new soap cutter. A sheet of thin aluminum and a plastic miter block from the hardware store. It worked perfectly and I’ll attach a “handle” to the aluminum to make it easier on my hands. This of course wouldn’t work for cold process soaps with the aluminum but there are plenty of other options out there for cutting cold process soaps and I needed something for glycerin soap.

Layer 1 green, layer 2 white, layer 3 clear yellow, layer 4 white with clear yellow soap balls, layer 5 green, layer 6 gold mica sparkles and clear yellow soap balls and white sparkly with drizzled green squiggles, layer 7 whipped sparkly white soap drizzled around the embedded soap balls and squiggles, gold mica sprinkled on top.

Here I used up the leftover several times over whipped soap and green soap along with some unscented pink, blue and turquoise soap balls I had sitting around. The whip is a bit too soft for soap but if I used it for bath bomb cupcakes it would be perfect.


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